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Evojet Outer Banks

Evojet OBX is the first and only official Evojet Rental in the United States. Located in the heart of the Outer Banks near Nags head, NC, we are just a short drive away from surrounding areas such as Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Hatteras Island. We are about 35 minutes south of the Southern Shores/Duck area, and about 35 minutes north of the Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo area. If you're staying farther south down in Avon or further, we are well worth the stop on your way in or out if you don't have time to make the drive during your stay. 

We are an arm of the Evojet brand, headquartered in Stuart, Florida - where the engineering and production takes place.

The Story Behind the Creation

The Origin of Evojet

Evojet is a rapidly growing young brand based out of Stuart, Florida - Home of the Evojet Factory itself. The Evojet was designed and created by French engineer and ex-pro jet ski rider, Stephane Diaz, who is the owner and founder of the American Jet Concept; the company behind the product and vision as a whole. Created from a Sea-Doo Spark jet ski, the Evojet was originally named the Spark Evolution, or Spark Evo, then later dubbed the Spark Evojet, and is now known and referred to as the Evojet

Stephane Diaz

Owner, Engineer, and Inventor - American Jet Concept & Evojet Brand
The first rendition and original design came about in the early 2010's when a fellow pro jet ski rider friend of Stephane's got into an accident in France injuring both of his legs, impairing him from use of his lower body, which is of course very necessary for riding a jet ski. Stephane had the idea of cutting the top off a jet ski and installing a lower sit-in seat for him, allowing him to still be able to ride with everyone. Long story short, they quite literally sawed off the top of a Yamaha jet ski, added a steering wheel in place of the handlebars, and installed a bucket seat inside of the hull.. and it worked! Little did they know, this was the birth of a bright idea that has since grown and is now being shared with the world.
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